Imagine waking up feeling lighter … as if you’ve finally let go of a huge load that’s been holding you back. As your feet touch the ground, you know inside and out that you can handle anything your day dishes out.

You kiss your partner, your kids, your dog, your cat … even your own reflection in the mirror. As you move through your day, you feel grounded in the center of your universe. You know deep down that you’ve slipped out of the chains of the past and are living the life you’ve always dreamed about.

I help women feel

whole, connected and capable.

I combine traditional talk therapy with alternative healing tools. I’m an expert at pairing up my laser-sharp listening and intuitive skills with creating a safe place for my clients to explore, heal and move forward.


I help my clients learn: 

  • Tools to soothe thoughts, feelings, body and spirit. 
  • Relationship and communication skills for nurturing, protecting and loving.
  • Crazy-good compassionate self-care.
  • How to travel their inner landscapes from I’m not OK because this thing happened to I’m OK, even though it happened.

Let’s connect:

Work with me. I work with women in person at my office in central NJ, as well as by phone and video Skype from wherever you are. Click here to book your session.

Mojo Oracle. This reading is part Tarot reading, part Akashic Record reading, part energy clearing, and part whip-smart loving advice. Big picture stuff for your highest good. Click here.

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