Work with Me

I’m honored that you are here.

My clients:

  • Learn how to cope with whatever life brings — on a feelings, thoughts, body and energetic level.
  • Gain insight about who they are and why they do things.
  • Learn to communicate effectively and authentically.
  • Resolve painful experiences and feel OK even though it happened.
  • Learn how to have loving relationships with themselves and others.
  • Are 100% supported and safely held as we work together.



Andrew Black via Compfight

As a holistic psychotherapist, I focus on the universe of you … which is much more than what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. These 2 things are important, but I’ve found that traditional talk therapy heals to a certain point and then stops being effective. I also work at the body and energetic level, using cutting edge and ancient healing tools. To read all the details of my training, click here. 


In-Person or Skype Session (55 minutes) ……… $150

I accept payment in cash, check, credit card and PayPal. I don’t accept health insurance as a form of payment. At your request, I’ll give you an itemized receipt for you to pursue reimbursement from your health insurance carrier.

Ready to work together toward a life you love? 

Excellent. I’m ready to help you shine!

Click here to book your session, either at my office or on Skype from wherever you are.