The Super Soothing Companion

                      • Racing thoughts keeping you up at night? 
        • Feeling anxious and don’t know what to do?
        • Want to feel like you have tools that work?

The Super Soothing Companion

You’ve come to the right place.

The Super Soothing Companion is packed with the 10 best super-soothing tools I’ve been teaching my clients for more than a decade. Learn specific tools to address thoughts, feelings and body sensations, so you can calm it all down. The tools are super-easy and work quickly.

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I’ve been selling these separately for $20 for the e-Book and $20 audio.

You can now get both for just $30 … that’s 25% off!

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NOTE: The eBook is in PDF format, so you can view on your computer, iPhone or iPad in the free iBooks app. Have a Kindle? No problem-o. Read here to find out how to read the Companion on there.

Testimonial Love: 

“I’ve read a ton about self-help and personal development and remember none of it inthe moment when I am in what Maureen calls The triangle of crappy’. I remembered that though, and I remembered some of the exercises she suggests in SSC. That in itself is huge for me.

The fact that what she suggests actually works? Wonderful. The exercises are deceptively simple, and that’s why they are so effective. Favourite smell? Easy, pleasant, works instantly. Putting it away – I can do that. Stretching – instant change. Taken together, its an easy, quick, memorable system for getting out of whatever funk I happen to be in. The exercises are so straightforward I can share most with my kids, even though they are often the source of the problem in the first place. A valuable, accessible resource.”

– Ann McMahon of

“The book is filled with so much love and care! I can really see how much you want to help the people who read it. I think it is a great possible cure for anyone who has these moments!”

– Violeta Asenova, founder of

“I’m really excited about the tucking my feeling(s) in and I totally imagined a hammock when I read that.  I will be using that one for sure! Thank you so much for giving me some new ideas and ways of coping with stress and for reminding me of some things I can do when I’m in that place.”

– Sara George, mother